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How To Select Your Commercial Roof Repair Contractor | Elevated Roofing

What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Every commercial roof will eventually require some sort of repair.

It might take years, but even the strongest roof will eventually falter in some way. Anything from harsh weather to poor installation, a lack of maintenance or even the roof design can spur the need for a repair.

Identifying a flaw needing correction is only half the battle; the other half is selecting a commercial roof repair company worth your trust and respect. Let’s take a look at some common commercial roof problems and how to go about selecting the best commercial roof repair company.

Common Commercial Roof Repairs:


Roof leaks are more common than most prefer. Any type of roof has the potential to leak. A proactive approach to roof maintenance will decrease the chances of water breaching the premises. Abide by a regular maintenance program and you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience and potential financial burden of a commercial roof leak.

Billowing and Blow-offs

Roofs sometimes experience billowing, tenting, or blow-offs. If the roof is not properly connected to the substrate, any of these unfortunate events can occur. Single-ply style roofs are especially vulnerable to billowing and blow-off.

Standing Water

Simple inaction can also create numerous roof problems. The lack of routine roof maintenance is quite common. Have your commercial roof inspected on a regular basis without exception.

A roofing expert will identify trouble spots before they become major issues. This is an opportunity to pinpoint spaces where standing water can occur, slipping flashing and so on.

Standing water is a serious issue, especially if it remains in place for two days or longer. Idle water that has accumulated on the roof can cause roof damage and a subsequent leak.

In the worst-case scenario, standing water will cause a roof collapse. This is precisely why you must ally with a proven and skilled roofer who can address drainage issues, perform an in-depth inspection, and complete every type of commercial roof repair.

How to Select a Trustworthy Commercial Roof Repair Company

You can only learn so much about local commercial roof repair company by reading about them on the web. Speak with current and former customers to gauge their satisfaction with the roofer’s work. Consider visiting the roofing companies to meet the staff and gauge their professionalism.

Interact with personnel, try to determine if the staff seems customer-focused and gauge whether they truly value your business. Pay attention to the small stuff while you are on-site. This is your chance to get a feel for how the business operates if they are busy, and whether the staff is welcoming.

Look at Past WorkCheck These Points Off When Choosing a Commercial Roof Repair Company! | Elevated Roofing Plano, TX

Do not hesitate to ask to see examples of past work. Examining past projects is your chance to see what your property will soon look like. Check out one or several local projects and compare how they look to those of other roofing contractors.

Does the Roofer pay Attention to Detail?

Try to determine if the roofing company in question minds the subtleties.

Ask for a proposal.

Review this document in-depth. Is it professional looking? Does it contain detailed information, drawings or photographs? If there is little attention to detail in this presentation, the same approach will carry over to the actual project itself. You can also get a sense of the contractor’s attention to detail by analyzing prior work.

Take a close look at the contractor’s current and previous projects to get a sense of how your commercial property will look when the project is complete.

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