The Importance of Regular Roof Repair and Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Roof Repair and Maintenance | Roofing Contractor Dallas | Elevated Roofing
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Most people buy a home or commercial building and assume that the roof will maintain its integrity for years to come. After all, most roofs appear to be intact from the ground level and take quite a pounding before caving in. The truth is that roofs are actually quite vulnerable. The failure to perform regular roof maintenance and repair could lead to one or several small problems that eventually transform into costly projects or even a full replacement.

Why Regular Roof Maintenance is Necessary

Though your roof might seem sturdy and impenetrable, it has the potential to become compromised by a variety of factors. Many of these threats are unseen as the roof is high above eye-level. It is imperative that you examine your roof at least once per year. If you don’t want to get up on a ladder, take a good look at your roof from a variety of angles on ground level. Contact the roofing professionals to perform an examination on the roof. The results of this roof analysis might prove quite surprising.

Roofs are damaged by all sorts of natural hazards ranging from wind to heat, ice, hail, snow, rain, tree limbs and animals. Yet you might not know that damage has been inflicted by any of these forces until it is too late. Such forces gradually decay the roof and heighten the risk of nasty damage. Such damage is also a threat to everything below the roof including you, your loved ones and your possessions. Be proactive with regular roof examinations, maintenance and repairs and you will drastically minimize the odds of extensive (and costly) damage.

Roof Red FlagsRoof Red Flags | Frisco Roofer | Elevated Roofing

In some instances, major roof problems manifest with a series of signs. If you notice that your ceilings have water stains, the roof might be leaking. Or, there could be a hole or crack in the roof. Do not shrug off a minor leak as an inevitability. Even the most minor leak is an indication of a much larger problem looming on the horizon.

Perhaps you notice odd odors and/or the presence of mold. These are signs that water has penetrated the roof. If any of these red flags pop up, it is time to perform a visual inspection of the roof to identify the true source of the problem and repair it without delay.

What to Look for on the Roof

Though everyday people can pinpoint major flaws on their roof, it takes a trained eye to pick out less obvious problems that pose major threats. Rely on an experienced roofing professional for your roof inspection so you can rest easy knowing that a comprehensive analysis of the roof has been performed and all issues are identified.

The presence of pooled water on a roof is a sign that the cover has deteriorated. Such standing water will likely lead to a leak. The presence of bubbles is an indication that moisture is trapped within the roof cover. A gap in the roof flashing or the cover perimeter is cause for concern. Such an open space heightens the odds of the cover’s failure when high winds hit. Lightning protection systems and skylights should be checked to make sure they are firmly connected. Loose connections can cause a tear in the roof covering in the event of high winds.

Proactive Roof MaintenanceProactie Roof Maintenance | Frisco Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing

Aside from regular inspections, property owners can also preserve the integrity of their roof with proactive measures. Always remove loose objects and debris. Check the roof’s condition following storms.  Trim wayward tree limbs and clean out the gutters at least a couple times per year.

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