Roof Safety 101 for Homeowners

Roof Safety 101 for Homeowners
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If you are like most homeowners, you probably find yourself looking up at the roof a few times a year wondering if getting yourself up there is worth the hassle.

While hanging Christmas lights yourself or checking for damage after a storm may seem enticing, it is always best to let the professionals handle a job on the roof.


Just Don’t Do It – Safety First

We never recommend that a homeowner get on their own roof.

Professionals are trained to know where to step, grab, and shift their weight appropriately to remain safe. They also are most likely in attire that is appropriate for working on the roof, including long-sleeve t-shirts and in some cases harnesses.  Here’s a secret. Most of us have special shoes, or soles, that help us scale a roof like Spiderman. It may look safe and easy if you watch professional roofers work, but it won’t be that easy for you. #truth

Many homeowners don’t realize that the specific shape, slope, and materials in use all make a difference when walking or working on your home. For example, if your roof is made of slate, it has the potential to crack when adults walk on it. Cracked slates are going to cost you money to repair.

If you are not used to regularly navigating roofs, especially while carrying tools or other materials, and do not have the proper attrite… better keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.


Getting on the Roof

We can preach roof safety 365 days a year, and homeowners will still fall off roofs. It must be in people’s nature to take risk and push boundaries. We get it. Sometimes a well-meaning homeowner is going to jump up there to take care of that “one thing real quick”.

For heaven’s sake, if you absolutely must get on your roof, be sure that someone is there to observe from the ground, in case of emergency. Aside from helping during an emergency, a friend can also help avoid one by helping with spotting, communication, steadying the ladder and providing you with a voice of reason.

The ladder used must be in pristine condition, with anti-slip material, and tall enough to allow for a safe transition to the roof. You should also be appropriately clothed and wearing a soft soled and non-slip shoe to minimize both personal injury and roof damage.

If there is fog, wind, rain, snow or possibility of ice, we don’t care if your autographed Babe Ruth baseball got stuck in the gutter, don’t get on the roof. Use common sense. If the slope of the roof seems too steep for comfort, it’s might not even be safe to get on the roof without a roofing harness. Even Babe Ruth would want you to call a professional.

If we have you spooked about getting on your own roof, then you are finally getting it!

Call for a free roof inspection or if you need a minor repair, spend a few bucks to have a professional repair it properly and ensure you are still around to see your kiddos grow up.


When to Call for an Inspection, Repair or Replacement

Obviously, inspections of your roof should always be performed by a trained professional. On top of the safety factors we have discussed, roofing professionals will spot vulnerabilities or potential threats that may go unnoticed by an untrained eye.

Emergency roof care should always be managed by roofing professionals. Emergency care can include tarping the roof, patching a leak until a repair can be completed, removing large debris that has been blown on the roof, and more.

As you could imagine, a roof replacement project is much more strenuous and dangerous than the typical yearly roof inspection or simple repairs. When replacing an entire roof, materials and tools must be hauled on to the roof. Once on the roof, professionals must move, sift through and manage the use of these materials and tools, all while paying close attention to work detail and personal safety. For this reason, most homeowners in NTX fully understand that a roof replacement should always be handled by an expert.

Other routine care that requires a professional roofing contractor are roof and gutter cleaning, debris removal, insurance inspections, etc. From time to time, a homeowner will experience a unique event like hanging lights or décor, painting, rescuing animals, cleaning windows, trimming encroaching trees or plants. Don’t be lulled into thinking that these are proper reasons to take an unnecessary risk.


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