Watch For These Common Roofing Problems

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When it comes to roofs, most people think that nothing will ever go wrong. We take our roofs for granted yet these seemingly indestructible barriers are fallible just like everything else.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of roof problems.

Failure to Perform Maintenance

This might come as a surprise, but the primary cause of most roofing problems is a failure to find and remedy roof issues as they are initially forming! Crazy right?

The failure to find deterioration occurs at an especially high frequency with homes featuring low-sloping roofs. If you do not feel comfortable getting up on your roof, don’t fret. Reach out to us and we will send a trained roof inspector on out to your home for a thorough roof inspection.

Excess Weathering

Harsh weather conditions deteriorate roofing materials. Roofing materials made of inorganic substances tend to deteriorate at a slower pace than those created with organic materials. Each different type of roofs can suffer hail damage. Even exposure to atmospheres with salt and air pollutants can spur the deterioration process.

Issues With Rooftop TV Satellites, Equipment, Braces and Supports

The rooftop is sometimes used as a platform for different mechanical equipment, flag poles, bracing, antennas, satellites etc. Though these items can be placed on the roof, they should only be positioned in this critically important area if absolutely necessary.

Try to avoid mounting or placing such items along the top portion of the roof membrane. Leaks on the supports or beneath the equipment will pose difficult, if not impossible, repair challenges. Try to mount such items directly to support structures.

Faulty Design

Some of the more expensive roofing problems are caused by an improper design.

A flaw in the roof’s design is typically rectified with a replacement. If severe, the problem can cause issues to recur. Examples of poor roof design include a weak roof structure that deflects more than it should, an improper slope or sagging of the roof’s structure, incompatible roof materials and inadequate provisions for contraction/expansion that result in membrane splits. These are the types of problems that require the trained eye of a roofing expert to locate.

Flashing Problems

Flashings are meant to create a watertight connection between roof materials along with the projections and other parts. If flashings are not designed to provide service for about the same length of time as the other materials used in the roof, there could be issues.

Homeowners should be well aware that flashings are an extremely vulnerable part of the roof. Therefore, all flashing should be maintained on a regular basis. If repaired in a timely manner, you can keep the roof watertight.

Metal Edge and Gravel Stop Issues

The purpose of gravel stops for metal roof edge strips and gravel stops is to close the edges of the roof so blow-offs or wind damage do not occur. Gravel stops also serve to guard against the loss of aggregate surfacing along the roof’s edge.

Metal edge strips and gravel stops generally tend to leak through broken or opened joints in between metal pieces, resulting in a splitting of the stripping felts along the edge of the metal. This is why metal edge strips and gravel stops should always be elevated above the water line with tapered edge strips and/or raised wood nailers.

Wind Damage

Strong gusts of wind and airborne debris have the potential to damage a roof.

In general, roofs will not hold together when exposed to winds of hurricane or tornado force. Even moderately intense wind even has the potential to damage a roof. Gusts between 50 and 75 mph and higher have the potential to blow over a roof edge and create a damaging partial vacuum. This low-pressure air spurs the onset of higher pressure that pushes up through the building. The source of pressure gradually loosens fasteners and detaches the adhesion, making the roof quite vulnerable. After a fierce storm, smart homeowners schedule free roof inspections to address minor problems before they become major issues!

Elevated Roofing provides the assistance you need to repair roofing problems quickly and easily or provide full roof replacement. If you are looking for a Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney area roofing company, take a look at our website to learn about the services we offer or call (469) 305-0010 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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