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Why Hail Damage Is a Major Concern for Most Roofs and What to Do Next

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Hailstorms can wreak havoc on roofs, leaving lasting damage that must be addressed quickly to avoid even greater issues later. In this article, we’ll explore why hail damage is such a major problem and discuss what steps must be taken immediately if your roof has been affected by hailstorms.

Causes of Hail Damage

Hail damage results when hailstones produced during thunderstorms strike roofs. Recognizing its causes is crucial to understanding its impact, with updrafts carrying raindrops upward into cooler regions of the atmosphere where they freeze into hailstones that descend onto rooftops, potentially causing serious damage.

Hail damage depends on multiple factors. Size is one crucial consideration: larger hailstones have greater mass, creating greater destructive potential when striking roofs; hailstorms featuring large hailstones cause more extensive damage. Another aspect to remember is velocity: faster-moving hailstones pack more energy upon impact than slower ones and reach speeds comparable to or exceeding that of high-speed baseball pitches in severe storms.

Roofs constructed of older or deteriorated materials are particularly prone to hail damage, with aged shingles that have lost structural integrity more likely to crack or break under impact. Furthermore, the angle at which hailstones strike a roof can have an impactful impact that causes more substantial damage compared to one hitting at an oblique angle.

Importantly, not all roofs are equally vulnerable to hail damage. The choice of roofing material used can determine the level of protection from hailstorms; metal and impact-resistant shingle materials tend to provide greater resistance against hail damage than traditional asphalt shingles do. Furthermore, factors like a quality installation as well as adequate insulation or decking, could all have an impact on how severe hail damage may become.

Signs of Hail Damage

1. Visible Physical Damage on the Roof

Before inspecting the surface of your roof for visible signs of hail damage, look out for visible dents, cracks, or missing shingles as indicators that it has experienced hail damage. Hailstones can leave noticeable depressions on their surfaces that cause protective shingles to lose their integrity and protection.

2. Granule Loss

Another telltale sign of hail damage is the dislodgment of granules from roofing shingles. Check gutters and downspouts for accumulating these coarse, sand-like particles; their dislodgment by hailstone impacts can leave shingles more susceptible to further damage, shortening their lifespan even more drastically.

3. Soft Spots

Hailstones can create soft spots on an asphalt roof’s surface, especially shingles. These soft spots may feel mushy when touched and indicate compromised shingles, leaving leakage and structural damage vulnerable.

4. Cracked or Split Shingles

Carefully inspect shingles for cracks or splits caused by hail. Hail can break shingles apart and expose their layers to moisture and UV rays, potentially leading to moisture penetration into buildings that lead to water penetration causing interior damage and water penetration issues that compromise roof integrity and compromise its integrity, leading to water penetration that compromises the integrity of the roof and can compromise roof integrity, which in turn causes interior water penetration that results in interior water penetration that causes interior water damage and further interior damages.

5. Leaks and Water Stains

Hail damage may lead to leaks within your property. Look for water stains on ceilings or walls, indicating where rainwater has compromised the roof. Act quickly on any leaks to avoid further structural or interior damage to your home or business.

What to Do Next

If you detect signs of hail damage on your roof, contact a reputable roofing contractor like Elevated Roofing immediately. Our skilled experts will assess the extent of any damage before providing necessary repairs or replacements to restore its integrity and functionality. Please take action; address hail damage immediately to protect both properties and ensure their longevity.

Repair or Replacement for Hail Damaged Roofs

Depending on the severity of hail damage, repairs may be enough to restore its functionality and integrity; however, full roof replacement may be required in other cases. Our knowledgeable roofing professionals will assess the extent of the damage and provide recommendations best suited for your situation.

In conclusion, hail damage substantially threatens roof integrity and longevity, making quick action imperative to address it quickly and successfully. Don’t delay–contact Elevated Roofing today if your roof needs work! Visit our website to book your inspection. We offer reliable roof repair services to meet your expectations. Elevated Roofing understands the urgency and significance of repairing hail damage as soon as possible, so we offer free inspections.

Our team of experts will assess the damage accurately before providing effective solutions. Ignoring hail damage could lead to more severe problems and increased costs. Take proactive measures now to safeguard your roof and property. Elevated Roofing’s team of experts is dedicated and skilled enough to handle your hail damage needs with professionalism and expertise.


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