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Elements of a Proper Roof Installation

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Elements of a Proper Roof Installation | Elevated Roofing | Plano, TX

The roof is one of the main support structures of any building along with the foundation and the walls. It is therefore very important that your roof installation is done correctly. Even as you do your research about the best roofs and contractors, it is important that you also make an effort to understand the basics of roof installation. This way, when your selected contractor is doing the job, you will be able to tell if they are doing what is required.

The following are the elements of proper roof installation:

1) Proper ventilation

Without proper ventilation, warm, damp air gets trapped in attics which causes problems. One problem is that wood can start rotting or get warped which can compromise the strength and integrity of the roof and other wooden supports within a building. Another is that energy is wasted. When the air conditioner is running on a hot day, the wood will be keeping warm air in so more energy is consumed trying to keep a house cool.

2) The right shingles

The strength of a roof is severely tested during extreme weather conditions such as when it is raining heavily or when there is a storm. One thing that can either make a roof strong or compromise its strength is the right shingle.

Residential roof shingles are typically the three-tab shingle. This is a narrow sheet that is made mostly of asphalt and fiberglass. It is quite light in weight and affordable. It can be used in areas where weather conditions don’t get extreme. However, in areas known for hurricanes, floods and other extreme weather, it is best to use an architectural shingle. Architectural shingles are heavier and stronger and are made to withstand extreme conditions.

3) Following the manufacturer’s instructionsTOP 5 elements roof installation | Elevated Roofing | Roofing Contractor Plano, TX

When buying shingles, check that they come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. A guarantee will ensure that you are covered over a long time should a problem arise. However, for a manufacturer’s guarantee to be valid, the shingles must be installed properly. It is therefore important that the manufacturer’s installation instructions are followed.

Poor or wrong installation that voids a guarantee can cause damage and injuries should a roof cave in. It will also mean the extra expense of purchasing other shingles and having them installed.

4) Proper installation of sub surface layers

This is another important and sensitive part of roof installation. As installation is being done, a professional roofer will repair any damaged wood that they come across. They will also apply a layer of felt paper, and in areas that are cold they will put in an ice and water guard to the lower edge of the roof.

The problem is that when the shingles go on, it is not possible to check and confirm that the lower layers were correctly installed. Keep talking to your contractor and ask them to take you through the different processes as they complete them. Ask questions and don’t stop until you get answers that make sense.

5) Expert roof installation with Elevated Roofing

One way to find a professional, experienced roof contractor is by looking at their testimonials and making certain to verify their credibility. Another way is to ask family and friends for references from a contractor they have used who have done a good job. You can also check the rating a contractor has on sites like Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List where customers can register complaints.

Make all these checks with Elevated Roofing and you will find that they exceed all expectations. Elevated Roofing does Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Carrollton, The Colony, Little Elm, Lewisville and Allen.

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