Dallas Roofing: The Importance of Annual Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial Roof Inspections for Dallas Roofing
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Those who own or manage commercial properties should have a yearly commercial roof inspection performed. This is a fairly quick and easy quality control measure that has the potential to make a major impact on your property. It ensures the integrity of your building’s commercial roof is up to par so your inventory, machinery, interior systems and personnel are adequately protected.

The Power of Knowledge

If your building’s roof was flawed, wouldn’t you like to know about it now rather than later? An annual commercial roof inspection provides you with such knowledge. This preventative maintenance is essential to the integrity, functionality and reliability of your commercial building. Though properly installed roofs can last decades, there is no guarantee they will function without flaw.

If your roof requires repairs, maintenance or replacement, you will find out when your yearly commercial roof inspection is performed. This roofing inspection pinpoints leaks, weak points and other flawed sections of the roof before they become significant and costly problems. Identifying these problems as soon as possible is essential to keeping your roof in tip-top shape. This way, the problem can be addressed before leaks move laterally and water breaches the interior structure. Water exposure can lead to an array of problems ranging from rotting to mold, corroding and beyond.

An Inspection Reveals the Roof’s Condition

The chronological age of your roof is not an accurate indication of its condition. A thorough inspection of your commercial roof is essential to determine its “active aging”. Once the roof’s condition is determined, the proper preventative care measures and roof repairs can be implemented to ensure the roof remains functional for years to come.

“Active aging” is a term that refers to the roof’s condition based on wear and tear caused by the elements, human actions, the effectiveness of maintenance and repairs and the quality of the original installation.

Details About Dallas Commercial Roof Inspections

A thorough commercial roofing inspection is an intelligence gathering operation. Think of all the stimuli your roof encounters.

Everything from harsh winds to powerful rain, sleet, heat, strong UV rays and other forces threaten your roof’s integrity. The Dallas storm season brings tornadoes, hail, ice and other potentially damaging conditions.

A yearly inspection is necessary to guarantee the roof is capable of protecting everything below across posterity. The inspection involves a thorough analysis of the roof’s covering, flashings, seams, drains and gutters. The inspector notes deficiencies in each. Your Dallas roofing expert will provide you with a detailed report that explains maintenance requirements, necessary repairs and their costs. The inspection also includes a grading of the roof that provides you with an idea as to how long it will last.

An Annual Roof Inspection Will Yield Considerable Savings

Have a roofing professional perform a comprehensive inspection of your commercial property’s roof and it might produce massive savings across the long haul. This inspection makes you aware of the condition of your roof so you can rectify areas that require repair as well as those potential problem spots. These sites have the potential to become egregiously complicated and expensive projects if neglected.

It is even possible that an annual commercial roof inspection will provide insight into maintenance or repairs that can be performed now to prevent a complete replacement of your roof. This is an affordable and quick means of maximizing your roof’s lifespan. A well-maintained roof can last upwards of two or three decades.

Neglect your roof and you won’t be aware of problems that have developed. Those problems will inevitably worsen and spur the need for a replacement much sooner than should be necessary.

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