How and When to Call for Emergency Roofing Service

How and When to Call for Emergency Roofing Service
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Your roof is your main form of protection against rain, wind, sleet, hail and other threats from above. It’s one thing to have a loose shingle, but a leak damaging your possessions is a completely different problem. There are some situations that require emergency roofing and others that do not necessitate such assistance. Here is a look at some of the most common roofing situations that require the prompt assistance of emergency roofers and why emergency assistance is so important.

Emergency Roofing Service

Emergency roof repairs are performed to stop additional damage. A temporary fix allows for functionality until a more thorough job can be performed. The lasting repair is performed at another point in time.

Even a seemingly minor leak can justify an emergency roof repair. The noise and moisture of the leak are the least of your concerns. A roof leak causes water to pool, which can damage wood, including the decking of the roof. This weakening leads to a sagging roof that requires emergency roof repair from a skilled roofing contractor.

Furthermore, if the insulation is infiltrated, it will clump. Clumped insulation will not function effectively. Your energy bills will spike and your home will have mold-laden insulation. If that does not sound bad enough, consider the fact that the roof leak can compromise your home’s wiring. If the leak reaches the electrical wiring, your entire property will be one giant hazard.

Water is Serious Cause for Concern

When a roof is compromised, it will let water seep on through. In many instances, all that is necessary is a fairly minor and quick repair or the addition of a protective cover to prevent additional damage to the interior and structure. An emergency roofer will likely put a tarp on the hole until bad weather passes. The damage will be address and a permanent roof repair can be performed at a later time.

Causes of Roof Leaks

Gradual wear and tear can compromise shingles and spur the need for a roof leak repair. If the weather turns, if an animal breaches your roof or if there is a fire, emergency roof repair will be necessary.

Winds of 50 mph and faster can tear shingles off your roof, allowing water to reach the substrate and move below. Even wayward tree limbs can be blown about and damage your roof.

In some cases, lightning strikes the roof and creates a hole. Even a squirrel can chew through the roof and settle in. It is imperative you have your roof repaired right away so the resulting water exposure does not move on through these holes and leak down below. Each of these problems requires the assistance of our emergency roofing service providers.

How an Emergency Roofer Will Respond

If your roofing emergency occurs in the midst of a violent storm, our team will wait until the weather calms down. Once it is safe, we will get right to work.

If the roof damage is caused by a fire, we will do our best to prevent water seepage. As long as the fire has not altered the structural integrity of the roof and it is safe, we will do our best to improve its condition.

What You Should do After Noticing Roof Damage

Relax. The damage has occurred, and you can only control what you do next. A professional roofer can help repair the damage and return your roof to normal. Do not try a DIY (do it yourself) roof repair, and do not try to patch a leak during severe weather. You need an experienced roofer’s assistance to safely assess damage and select the best approach for repair or possible repair or replacement.

We hope you never need emergency roofing service but keep our phone number just in case! 469-305-0010

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