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Cutting Energy Bills with Roof Replacement

Cutting Energy Bills with Roof Replacement

If you are like most homeowners, you have thought long and hard about how to reduce your energy bills. You have probably tried it all, from unplugging devices to prevent the use of “phantom energy” to cutting back on the number of Christmas lights and using the air conditioning less frequently. There is a lesser-known but extremely effective means of reducing your energy bill: roof replacement.

How a new Roof Cuts Energy Bills: Prevent Heat From Escaping Through the Roof

Schedule your roof replacement in the fall and your energy bills will decrease. This reduction occurs because heat rises and escapes through old, outdated and worn roofs. The installation of a brand new roof will prevent the majority of such heat from escaping your home. As a result, your energy bills will decrease and you will enjoy a comfortable living space without having to worry about whether setting your thermostat at the desired level will increase your utility bill. Start preparing your budget this summer for a fall roof replacement and you will enjoy a winter of lower energy bills. In fact, your new roof will eventually pay for itself across posterity through reduced energy bills and fewer repairs.

Add a Light-Colored Roof to Your Home to Save Money

One of the best ways to cool your home is with the addition of a light-colored roof. Known as “cool” roofs, these roofs are a pale color that reflects heat and light away from the home. It is a stark contrast to dark-hued roofs that absorb light and heat. Numerous studies have shown that a light-colored roof results in significant energy savings. Consider the fact that a dark-colored roof can reach upwards of 175 degrees on a blazing hot day. This heat will inevitably transfer to your livings pace and increase your energy costs.

Don't Let Your Electricity Bill Go Through The Roof!Roof Replacement: Look for the Energy Star Label

A roof that has been awarded the Energy Star label is ideal for conserving energy and reducing utility bills. Select a new roof with an Energy Star label and you can rest easy knowing it will reflect the sun’s rays and decrease surface temperature by upwards of 100 degrees.

Add new Insulation With Your new Roof

Insulation below your new roof will help maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Insulation in the attic alone is not enough. Insulate the roof and you won’t have to turn on the air conditioner as much in the summer and the heating system as much in the winter. Make sure there is an air space between the roof and the insulation so moisture does not become trapped and spur the growth of mold/mildew.

Opt for Sustainable Roof Materials to Reduce Energy Bills

Opt for the right roof material and you might save upwards of 30 percent in energy costs. Sustainable roof materials include reflective coatings that keep your roof as cool as possible. Elastomeric roof coatings reflect light and heat, allowing for considerable energy savings. This coating also extends your roof’s longevity to boot. If you are interested in sustainable materials for your roof replacement, contact Elevated Roofing for more information.

Improved Shingles and Ventilation

A new roof with ample ventilation will reduce your energy bills. Ventilation is necessary to prevent hot air from being trapped within the structure. The trapping of hot air spurs your air conditioner to work that much harder. Furthermore, a new roof adds shingles to replace the outdated ones on your current roof that have a comparably low rating. Modern shingles withstand winds upwards of 130 mph, preventing gusts from infiltrating your home and spiking energy costs.

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