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There are all sorts of exclusions in homeowners and roof insurance policies that prevent certain sections of the home from being covered. Roof exclusions are one of the most common exclusions. If you have not reviewed your homeowners and roof insurance policies for specific roof exclusions, the time to do so is now. Below, we delve into the nuances of roof exclusions that every homeowner should be aware of.

Roof Age Insurance Policy Exclusion

Your roof’s age as well as its layering may determine whether coverage applies. Antiquated roofs that have been around for a decade or two might not be covered. The reasoning behind the lack of coverage for an older roof is that providing coverage is akin to extending health insurance to a sickly individual. There is plenty of risk and just about no potential for profit when extending such an insurance policy.

Also, if your roof has more than a single layer of shingles, exclusions might apply. Some insurers might cover two layers or less while others will only cover the original layer. It is also worth noting that many roof insurers will consider the age of the bottom layer of shingles as the roof’s true age. However, if your roof is a decade or two old and can pass inspection, some roof insurance companies might extend coverage.

Roof Replacement Insurance Policy Exclusion

Replacing a roof is not covered by homeowners insurance. Though roof repair will be covered for leaks, replacing the full roof is something the homeowner must pay out-of-pocket.

Roof Repairs Insurance Policy Exclusion

Repairs for roof defects will likely be covered in the insurance policy if the repairs are made with material and parts that are of the same value as those already in the roof. If you prefer to use higher quality and costlier materials than those already in the roof, you’ll have to pay for them out-of-pocket.

Improper Maintenance and Avoidable Damage Insurance Policy Exclusion

Though most roof insurance policies will cover damage incurred by vandalism, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and other natural disasters, exceptions apply to avoidable events. For example, if a homeowner fails to properly maintain his roof or allows for damage to occur that could have been avoided, coverage will not kick in.

Be sure to take date-stamped photos of your roof the day before your roof insurance policy is secured. Provide them to your insurer and keep copies for your files. This way, if your roof is damaged, you will be able to take some “after-damage” photos and compare them to the pre-damage photos to prove that the roof was in better condition before inclement weather struck.

Be sure to read your roof insurance policy in-depth to determine if the insurer will cover the cost of damage caused by hail, rain and wind. Some roof insurers will limit or deny coverage for these threats if the roof is old or if other factors exist.

Mind the Material

Take a close look at your policy for language that voids coverage for certain roofing materials. Many of these policies are written to strictly cover roofs made with specific materials. Insurers typically do not want to cover materials like durable slate or cedar shake that are prone to damage/breaks. Nor do roof insurers want to provide coverage for roof materials that are difficult to find or egregiously expensive to repair.

Even some of the newest roof materials are not covered by insurance policies. The trendy “green” roof materials are certainly beneficial to the environment yet many insurance companies will not extend coverage if they are used during a roof installation/repair. Roof insurers prefer to work with roof materials they are familiar with.

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