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The Importance of Regular Roof Repair and Maintenance

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The Importance of Regular Roof Repair and Maintenance | Roofing Contractor Dallas | Elevated Roofing

Most people buy a home or commercial building and assume that the roof will maintain its integrity for years to come. After all, most roofs appear to be intact from the ground level and take quite a pounding before caving in. The truth is that roofs are actually quite vulnerable. The failure to perform regular roof maintenance and repair could lead to one or several small problems that eventually transform into costly projects or even a full replacement.

Why Regular Roof Maintenance is Necessary

Though your roof might seem sturdy and impenetrable, it has the potential to become compromised by a variety of factors. Many of these threats are unseen as the roof is high above eye-level. It is imperative that you examine your roof at least once per year. If you don’t want to get up on a ladder, take a good look at your roof from a variety of angles on ground level. Contact the roofing professionals to perform an examination on the roof. The results of this roof analysis might prove quite surprising.

Roofs are damaged by all sorts of natural hazards ranging from wind to heat, ice, hail, snow, rain, tree limbs and animals. Yet you might not know that damage has been inflicted by any of these forces until it is too late. Such forces gradually decay the roof and heighten the risk of nasty damage. Such damage is also a threat to everything below the roof including you, your loved ones and your possessions. Be proactive with regular roof examinations, maintenance and repairs and you will drastically minimize the odds of extensive (and costly) damage.

Roof Red FlagsRoof Red Flags | Frisco Roofer | Elevated Roofing

In some instances, major roof problems manifest with a series of signs. If you notice that your ceilings have water stains, the roof might be leaking. Or, there could be a hole or crack in the roof. Do not shrug off a minor leak as an inevitability. Even the most minor leak is an indication of a much larger problem looming on the horizon.

Perhaps you notice odd odors and/or the presence of mold. These are signs that water has penetrated the roof. If any of these red flags pop up, it is time to perform a visual inspection of the roof to identify the true source of the problem and repair it without delay.

What to Look for on the Roof

Though everyday people can pinpoint major flaws on their roof, it takes a trained eye to pick out less obvious problems that pose major threats. Rely on an experienced roofing professional for your roof inspection so you can rest easy knowing that a comprehensive analysis of the roof has been performed and all issues are identified.

The presence of pooled water on a roof is a sign that the cover has deteriorated. Such standing water will likely lead to a leak. The presence of bubbles is an indication that moisture is trapped within the roof cover. A gap in the roof flashing or the cover perimeter is cause for concern. Such an open space heightens the odds of the cover’s failure when high winds hit. Lightning protection systems and skylights should be checked to make sure they are firmly connected. Loose connections can cause a tear in the roof covering in the event of high winds.

Proactive Roof MaintenanceProactie Roof Maintenance | Frisco Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing

Aside from regular inspections, property owners can also preserve the integrity of their roof with proactive measures. Always remove loose objects and debris. Check the roof’s condition following storms.  Trim wayward tree limbs and clean out the gutters at least a couple times per year.

Elevated Roofing provides the assistance you need to repair roofing problems quickly and easily or provide full roof replacement. If you are looking for a Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney area roofing company, take a look at our website to learn about the services we offer or call (469) 305-0010 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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The Effect Roof Repairs Have on the Longevity of Your Roof

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The Effect Roof Repairs Have on the Longevity of Your Roof | Frisco Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing

The longevity of your roof hinges on a variety of factors. Chief among them is the timeliness and quality of repairs. Every roof endures some sort of damage at one point or another. Whether this damage is caused by rain, wind, hail, fire, wayward branches or animals, it must be repaired in a timely manner. Prompt, high-quality repairs can extend the lifespan of your roof for years or even decades.

Signs of WearSigns of Roof Wear | Frisco Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing

If roof damage or common signs of wear are pinpointed during the inspection, immediate action is required. The failure to remedy such issues will only lead to even more costly projects like expansive leaks that allow water to seep in and rot the wood sheathing positioned below the roof. If you spot missing or blown off shingles displaced due to high winds, don’t let them remain in this condition. Damaged shingles will expose the underlayment as well as the roof deck. Even a roof with a low slope can incur wind damage and prevent adequate run-off.

If the vent pipes beneath your roof are corroded, water might seep on through. Strong winds can yank chimney flashing away from the roof. If the sealant is compromised, the water can seep down on deep into the roof and consequently, into your home. Even compromised valleys should be repaired right away. These are the diminutive gutters that move along the roof. Flashing can be harmed by a lack of cleaning, an excess of fungus or lifted tiles. If impeded, the rainwater won’t be able to flow on down these valleys.

Repair Vs. ReplaceRoof Repair or Replace | Frisco Roof Repair | Elevated Roofing

You can greatly reduce the odds of having to invest in an entirely new roof by performing regular roof maintenance and repairs. Regular roof inspections, damaged shingle replacement, tree branch trimming and other roof maintenance measures decrease the chances of repairs as well as a full replacement. Though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how long each specific roof repair will last, each repair goes a long way in increasing the longevity of your roof. You should consider a full replacement in the event that a series of repairs continues to arise over time or if there is significant damage.

If you aren’t sure as to whether leaks should be patched or if a total re-roofing is necessary, reach out to the roofing professionals for an expert opinion. The replacement of a handful of shingles due to fallen branches or wind damage is fairly easy. However, if you do not have spare shingles, the patch job probably won’t match your roof’s existing aesthetic. Yet you rarely look at your roof, especially the uppermost portion.

If the damage is considerable but limited to one side of the roof, a partial re-roofing is possible. This partial replacement is usually considerably cheaper than replacing the entire roof. Though a partial re-roofing is more costly on a per square basis and can create a lopsided appearance along the ridges, the total cost will pale in comparison to that of a full replacement. However, it is certainly possible that several partial re-roofing projects end up being more costly than a full roof replacement.

The Decision to Replace

If your roof shows continual signs of wear, consider nipping the problem in the bud once and for all with a complete replacement. It will also provide peace of mind to boot. A brand new roof is certainly a considerable investment yet it will likely last for decades. Lean on the roofing pros to get the job done and you won’t worry nearly as much when storms and other threats arise.


How to Prevent Hail Damage to Your Roof

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How to Prevent Hail Damage to Your Roof | Dallas Roofer | Elevated Roofing

When hail strikes, it can wreak havoc on your roof. However, you are not completely defenseless against hail. There are several steps you can take to safeguard your roof against hail and the consequential damage and repairs. Though it is not advisable to get up on the roof and perform risky DIY preventative measures, it is still possible to be proactive in the quest to prevent nasty hail damage. The first step is to reach out to the roofing experts.

Lean on the Pros Elevated Roofing | Dallas Roofing Company | Elevated RoofingLean on the Pros

The last thing you should do is climb up on your roof and attempt repairs and preventative maintenance on your own. Reach out to the roofing professionals for a comprehensive roof analysis, repair and implementation of preventative measures to guard against hail damage. Though it is impossible to completely safeguard your roof against a nasty hail storm, leaning on the professionals to safeguard your roof will drastically reduce the odds of hail damage.

True roofing gurus will perform an in-depth inspection and analysis of your flashing and other roof elements to ensure that hail does not inflict extensive damage. Roof flashing that is flawed in any way will be susceptible to penetration. Roofing experts will perform the necessary repairs and greatly reduce the odds of a hail storm creating significant problems that end up eating away at your savings and patience.

Signs of Trouble

If your roof has missing, curled or compromised shingles, your roof is prone to extensive damage. Take a look at your siding. If there are any compromised points that could fly off during a storm, have them repaired right away. Be sure to clean out the gutters and downspouts of debris from time to time as well.

Mind Those Trees and Shrubs

Property owners tend to let their trees and shrubs grow to the point that they touch the home. After all, trimming shrubs and overgrown tree limbs takes work, time and money. These landscaping features become problematic when they contact the roof. Wayward tree limbs really can damage your roof. They also serve as bridges for squirrels and insects to crawl from trees to your rooftop and cause damage. Some will even transform your roof into a makeshift home until they can find an opening and move on in. So trim those trees and shrubs as soon as you notice them extending out toward your home. If you notice any dead limbs, remove them right away.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Check your doors and windows to ensure they are completely secure. If strong winds and/or a hail storm occur, these forces could blow the windows and doors right off their hinges. Reinforce your garage door’s weak points with metal stiffeners as well. Blown-off doors, window frames and other components have the potential to inflict extensive damage on the roof.

Roof Materials Matter | Dallas Roof Repair | Elevated RoofingThe Roof Material Matters

Hail can rain down on roofs at speeds upwards of 100 mph. This makes roofs highly susceptible to cracks, dents and other damage. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or if you are dissatisfied with its appearance or quality, consider having a new impact-resistance roof installed. A roof made of asphalt shingles or stainless steel can withstand a hail storm much better than roofs made with other materials.

Modified asphalt shingles hold up particularly well during hail storms as they are made with a unique rubber compound. Slate roofs are a bit costly yet they can last upwards of a century. Concrete is quite durable against hail storms. It will likely last two decades and emerge unscathed after powerful hail rains down.


Elevated Roofing provides the assistance you need to repair roofing problems quickly and easily or provide full roof replacement. If you are looking for a Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney area roofing company, take a look at our website to learn about the services we offer or call (469) 305-0010 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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What Happens When You Neglect Your Roof Maintenace?

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What Happens when you Neglect Your Roof Maintenance | Elevated Roofing Plano

Your home’s roof is one of its essential components. Many argue that it is the most important portion of the home. If you don’t take care of your roof and roof maintenance, you put everything below it in jeopardy. It is imperative that you have your roof inspected on a regular basis and complete repairs and roof maintenance in a timely manner. Keep reading to find out the dangers of neglecting your roof.

Take the Long View on Your Roof Maintenance

It is quite tempting to neglect your roof. After all, maintaining a roof requires spending money and exerting effort. Yet this myopic view will backfire in the long run. Delaying roof repairs will turn small problems into much larger ones. As an example, a blemish or hole that starts out with minimal penetration will continue to expand until it becomes a legitimate leak. This problem could have been remedied for little money when it first appeared. Once the roof starts to leak, it will only continue to let more moisture seep through until the roof and parts of the home beneath it are compromised. You might not notice this leak until it has caused major damage.

The Risk of Pests

Neglect your roof and you might end up with insects and small animals turning it into their home. Their presence will harm your roof in all sorts of ways. These animals and insects might even make their way beyond the roof and into your living space. More often than not, animals will not dig on down into the roof to create their own home. Neglected leaks create the opportunity for animals to nestle in. This is precisely why it is so important to repair those leaks and other forms of roof damage as quickly as possible.

The Threat of Mold

If moisture seeps into your roof due to aging, holes or other damage, it creates the potential for mold. Even overly clogged gutters can cause the creation of mold. Once mold settles into your roof, insulation or gutters, you’ll have a costly problem on your hands. The key is to prevent mold from setting in to start with. All it takes is regular gutter maintenance, insulation inspections to ensure no breaches have occurred and a frequent analysis of the roof to identify leaks/damage.

Neglecting Your Roof Maintenance can Spike Your Energy Bills

As your roof becomes pocked with holes, blemishes and other forms of damage, more water will seep through down toward your living space. These holes also let your cool air outside in the summer months. The warm air created by your furnace will seep outside during the winter months. The end result will be an increase in your energy bills as these HVAC systems are forced to work that much harder. Bite the bullet by paying for a repair that will save you plenty of money in the long run.

Water Damage

If water is allowed to seep down into the roof and drip to other portions of your home, insulation will be compromised and mold might even grow. The water will weigh down the ceiling, compromising the entire structure of your home. Do not lose sight of the fact that your home is your largest investment. If it is allowed to slowly disintegrate due to neglect, you will end up with all sorts of expensive problems and have an awfully difficult time selling the home until these repairs are made.

It is even possible for the entire roof to collapse if enough leaks exist. Don’t let this nightmare become your reality. Reach out to Elevated Roofing today for a roof analysis and repair.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter Storms

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How to Prepare Roof for Winter Storms | Dallas Roofing Experts | Elevated Roofing

The winter is coming. These cold months bring wind, ice, sleet and other harsh conditions. If you haven’t prepared your home’s roof for the inclement weather, the time to do so is now. This does not mean you have to climb a ladder to access the roof and perform repairs and preventative measures on your own. Lean on our Dallas roofing experts to help you prepare your roof for the upcoming winter weather and you will rest easy knowing you have done all you can to safeguard your home.

Where to Start: Ask Dallas Roofing Experts

Though it is wise to tap into the expertise of qualified roofing professionals, you can do a few things on your own to gauge your roof’s integrity and reduce the odds of severe damage during the winter. Take a look at the edges of the roof as well as the chimney. If you notice cracking, missing pieces of mortar, loose sections or any other signs of trouble, contact our roofing gurus right away. Take a look at your shingles, skylights and gutters as well. If you find signs of deterioration or excessive debris, clean off those areas and get a quote for the appropriate repairs.

Address Your Roof Issues Before the Worst of Winter Arrives

You still have some time to prepare your roof’s problem spots for winter’s wrath. If you have identified leaks or other issues on the roof, chimney, skylight, gutters or any other section of the roof, don’t delay their repair. These leaks will only get worse if exposed to the cold temperatures, winds, ice and other winter elements. Take care of the problem now before the dead of winter hits and the problem becomes even more expensive.

Perform an Indoor Analysis

You can also gauge your roof’s integrity from inside your home. Head to the attic or roof space and examine it for sections that are especially low. Also, take a look for leaks and other water damage to boot. If you spot any drips or dark areas, there is moisture exposure that must be rectified right away. If you notice any light seeping in from the outside, contact our roofing team right away for an analysis and repair. The joists should also be inspected for signs of decay including fungus and moisture.

Mind the Roof Line

Take a close look at your roof line. If you notice it is bending or dipping in one direction, reach out to our roofing experts for a professional analysis. Don’t take any chances with your roof. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. The last thing you want is for water, ice or debris to pile up on your roof and ruin its integrity.

Be Proactive in the Fight Against Ice Dams

Don’t let debris accumulate in your gutters. Eliminate this buildup and you will greatly reduce the odds of ice dams forming. Ice dams occur as snow sits on the roof and endures a melting and freezing cycle. The snow melts, causing water to move down to the eaves where it freezes. This cycle keeps repeating unless the gutters are kept perfectly clean and snow is raked off of the roof’s edges. Do not hesitate to run some water along your gutters to make sure it can pass through unobstructed.

As you clean out your gutters, take a look around for shingle granules. If they are present, considerable wear and tear is occurring. You can identify these trouble spots by their rough appearance. If you spot several shingle granules, it is an indication that the roof tiles must be replaced in the near future.

Do I Need a Roof Repair or a Roof Replacement?

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Do I need a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement | Dallas Area Roof Replacement

If you suspect something is wrong with your roof or if you are sure that there is a problem, you are likely wondering whether you’ll have to pony up for a repair or a full replacement. In some instances, it is not difficult to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Yet many roof problems pose challenges. It might not be crystal clear as to whether a replacement is prudent or if a repair will suffice.

When to Repair Your Roof

If your roof has been inspected and one or several issues are pinpointed, you don’t have to take the inspector’s word. Reach out to Elevated Roofing for an expert analysis of your roof. We’ll determine if a repair is ideal and explain our logic in layman’s terms. In general, a roof with a single leak that hasn’t spread to other portions of the roof can be repaired

When to You Need a Roof Replacement

If the leak has impacted more than a small part of the roof, a replacement might be necessary. A roof that is fairly old and dilapidated should be completely replaced. In the end, if the roof is beyond its “useful life”, do not hesitate to invest in a full replacement. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, do not hesitate to replace a faulty roof. A new roof will undoubtedly hasten the home’s sale.

The Material Matters in Roof Replacement and Roof Repair

In many instances, the roof material is of the utmost importance when determining whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Most residential roofs are made with the following materials: metal, asphalt, tile, wood and slate. Each has unique characteristics and expected lifespans that play a part in determining whether it is prudent to perform a repair or a full replacement.


Slate roofs are rock solid compared to other roofing materials. Slate isn’t exactly beautiful yet it is incredibly rigid. In some instances, slate roofs can last a century or longer. If your roof is slate and is fairly early in its estimated lifespan, don’t jump to replace it. There is a good chance you can repair the affected section and obtain considerable utility out of the roof in the following years and decades. The same holds true for tile roofs. In general, if a tile or slate roof is less than 70 years of age, lean towards having it repaired.


Today’s metal roofs can take a beating and keep on ticking. If you have an aged metal roof that tends to rust and produce noise pollution during rain showers, consider replacing it if anything more than a minor problem arises.


A wood roof with significant damage should be replaced. Ideally, you will opt for a sturdier roof material that can withstand the brunt of a powerful storm without a problem. Opt for a metal roof and you probably won’t be tasked with frequent repairs.


If your roof is made up of asphalt shingles and you have a major problem, consider a full replacement as asphalt is fairly fragile compared to other materials. Though asphalt can be patched over several times, it tends to age faster than other materials. The beauty of investing in a new asphalt roof is that it can be replaced a couple times before even approaching the cost required to install another material.

When in doubt, do not hesitate to rely on the expert here at Elevated Roofing. We’ll provide you with an honest, in-depth analysis of your roof so you can make an informed decision regarding whether a replacement or repair is the prudent decision.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

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10 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing Plano Texas

A new roof for your home is probably one of the largest investments you will make. So it’s important to ask a few questions to make sure you get the most for your money with a job well done. Here is a list of some important questions to ask before you hire a roofing contractor.

1.     Are you licensed?

Most states require all contractors to be licensed, but the requirements are different from state to state. This gives you a course of action in the event things go wrong with your roofing project. Check with your local licensing agent and make sure everything is up to date.

2.     Can you provide proof of workman’s comp and liability insurance?

Liability coverage will cover you actual property and home should an unfortunate situation occur. For example, your contractor might be welding a component to your roof and you home catches on fire. Or perhaps an employee is injured while working on your property. The contractor’s insurance will cover any medical or property damage bills. Without these coverages, you could find yourself responsible for these costs.

3.     Do you provide a written estimate?

Before you sign any contracts, no matter how well written, you will want a written estimate first. This estimate should be itemized in detail. This should cover removal of your existing roof, labor and material costs, and anything that may add to the costs of the original estimate.

4.     How will you protect my yard and landscape during the project?

You don’t want additional costs added to the budget for repairs to your lawn and landscaping. Have a discussion with your contractor regarding potential problem areas. This should include where equipment will be placed, patterns of traffic and more.

5.     Do you provide waste container? Where will it be placed?

Material waste is part of any repair/replacement project. What should be important here is who will pay for the container and more importantly where will it be placed?

Many homeowners are faced with expensive repairs once the roofing job is completed. This can be for driveways and other areas of your home due to the intense weight of a waste container.

6.     How will you protect my home from damage?

Without the proper equipment, your gutters, and surrounding areas of your home are prone to damage from ladders. Be sure to ask what precautions your contractor will take to protect your home during the project.

7.     How much will plywood cost if a piece needs to be replaced?

This isn’t always something that can be discovered during an initial inspection. In most cases, damaged or rotted plywood is found once the existing roof is removed. In this case, you want to know what to expect in this common situation.

8.      What kind of warranty is offered?

In general, warranties are for 25 years or more regardless of the type of shingles you use. Make sure your contractor is clear about coverages, and ask for a copy of the warranty in writing.

9.     How long have you been in business?

A company with a short history isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone has to start from somewhere. However, it’s important to look into younger companies further to make sure you are going to get quality service and superior workmanship.

10.    Can you provide references?

It’s common for contractors to provide references from customers they know are satisfied with their work. Instead, ask for the three most recent projects for references. Talking with recent clients can give you a great indication of what to expect from your potential roofing contractor.

How Can Homeowners Help Prevent Future Roofing Problems?

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Prevent Roofing Problems in Texas | Frisco Roofer | Elevated Roofing

Homeowners who take the initiative to maintain their roof will benefit in the long run. It doesn’t take much time, money or effort to ward off some nasty and expensive repair projects from rearing their ugly heads. Follow the advice set forth below and you’ll greatly reduce the odds of a significant roof problem.

Eliminate Debris from the Roof

Do not let debris accumulate on your roof. Aside from weighing down your roof, debris can create a nest/shelter where animals will congregate. Use a sunny day as an opportunity to clean leaves, branches, trash and other unsavory items off your roof.

Roof Inspections can Help Prevent Roofing Problems Leading to Major Repair Projects

Have your roof inspected two times per year to clue you into problem areas. Remedy weak points as soon as they are identified and you will spend a fraction of the money that a major repair or total replacement would cost if the problem was allowed to worsen. The roof inspection should also include an examination of the attic for signs of water seepage. Moisture and stains are two indications that the roof has been compromised with a leak.

Other red flags include loose, curling or peeling shingles, cracks, mold and moss. Lifted and curled shingles are serious cause for concern as they are an indication that the roof is toward the end of its lifespan. Use a specialized cleaning solution to remove moss and mold. Let the solution work its magic then lightly brush away the mold/moss with a hand-held brush and/or broom with soft bristles. Lay down led control and/or zinc strips to guard against additional mold/moss growth.

Check the Roof Flashing

Take a look at the flashing to ensure it is solid. If it is compromised, get rid of the aged caulk. Give the area a good scrubbing and re-seal it. You should also seal off caulking or mortar that has cracked or deteriorated in other areas like the chimney and joints.

Mind Those Gutters and Downspouts on the Roofing

Clear out gutters and downspouts of all debris, grime and dirt. You can wear thick gloves or use a scooper to remove these unsavory particles. If any debris remains, spray it off with a garden hose. Avoid leaning against the gutters while performing this deep clean. Such pressure can damage the gutters and even cause you to lose your balance.

Look for Rust on Your Roofing

If your roof has any metal, give it a close examination for signs of rust. Eliminate rust with a wire brush. Then apply some primer and paint over the metal.

Vent Openings and Skylights on the Roof Also Matter

Cleaning off the main portion of your roof is not enough. It is important to also clean the vent openings and skylight(s). Take a look at the chimney for signs of damage like missing bricks. The chimney should be sealed with a water repellent solution to prevent rain, snow and any other source of moisture from seeping in. If you decide to perform this cleaning yourself, be sure to make use of a roof safety harness so you aren’t at risk for a nasty fall. Or, lean on the professionals and you will rest easy knowing the job is done right.

Don’t let Anything Interfere With Your Roof

If any sort of object comes into contact with your roof, its integrity is jeopardized. Do not let tree branches grow to the point that they reach your roof. Even leaves extending from tree branches that hang overhead can drop, accumulate, absorb moisture and threaten your roof’s integrity. So trim those tree branches to the point that there is considerable space between them and the roof.

Elevated Roofing provides the assistance you need to repair roofing problems quickly and easily or provide full roof replacement. If you are looking for a Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney area roofing company, take a look at our website to learn about the services we offer or call (469) 305-0010 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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Roofing Estimate vs. Proposal

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Roofing Estimate vs Proposal | Frisco Roof Contractor | Elevaed Roofing

If you are a homeowner, you will benefit from gaining a thorough understanding of the differences between roof estimates and roof proposals. Though roof estimates and roof proposals might seem fairly similar on their surface, there are numerous key differences between the two. Let’s take a look at the details of roof estimates and roof proposals to give you an idea as to what they encompass and why the are so important to homeowners as well as roofing contractors.

The Basics of Roof Estimates

A roof estimate explains exactly what types of materials will be used for the roof project. It also outlines the project’s schedule, describes the cleanup process, defines the contractor’s liabilities and the type of warranty the roof will have. Furthermore, a roof estimate explains how the roof will be paid for and if there are any add-on costs. If add-on costs exist, they are explained in detail within the language of the estimate.

Though unscrupulous roofers will use an estimate as an opportunity to sucker customers into an open-ended contract, Elevated Roofing does the exact opposite. We put all the roofing project’s details in writing so you know exactly what you are getting and how much money it will cost. In the end, you should only do business with a roofing contractor who is willing to provide a highly detailed estimate that puts a time frame on the roofing project’s completion, clearly explains the company’s liabilities, describes the materials to be used and clarifies the roof’s warranty terms.

The Nuts and Bolts of Roofing Proposals

A roofing proposal sets a fixed price that the contractor and customer are bound to. Roofers worth their keep will have firmly established costs for materials and labor. The best roofers will not hesitate to specify costs for projects as a whole and further break down these costs based on project components. This document should also address additional costs that are incurred due to code requirements. The proposal will set out the costs for everything involved with the roofing project, from materials to fascia, soffit, plywood sheets and beyond.

The proposal should include a figure that will not be exceeded no matter what sort of hurdles pop up during the course of the roofing project. If you are uncomfortable with this number, do not agree to the proposal’s terms as there is a chance that the “not to be exceeded” figure will end up as the project’s total cost. Be sure to discuss all the proposal’s nuances with the contractor so you know exactly what you will be charged for. As an example, some contractors will try to charge customers for travel time/costs, breaks and other seemingly random sundries. Make sure the proposal contains all of the billing fees, broken down into nuanced details for your analysis. If you disagree with these costs, do not be afraid to voice your concerns. Refrain from agreeing to a roof proposal until you are completely comfortable with all of its terms.

Keep in mind that roof proposals are not always the same across the board. These proposals differ by contractor, project and customer demands. Some roofing contractors will provide lengthy proposals that span several pages while others will provide a single page proposal. Do not accept an over-simplified proposal. Your roof is a major investment and a critically important component of your home. If the contractor refuses to break down the project’s costs, move on to a roofing company that is completely transparent about costs, materials and project duration.

Elevated Roofing provides the assistance you need to repair roofing problems quickly and easily or provide full roof replacement. If you are looking for a Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney area roofing company, take a look at our website to learn about the services we offer or call (469) 305-0010 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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Common Exclusions for Roof Insurance Policies

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Roof Insurance Policy Exclusions | Dallas Roofer | Elevated Roofing

There are all sorts of exclusions in homeowners and roof insurance policies that prevent certain sections of the home from being covered. Roof exclusions are one of the most common exclusions. If you have not reviewed your homeowners and roof insurance policies for specific roof exclusions, the time to do so is now. Below, we delve into the nuances of roof exclusions that every homeowner should be aware of.

Roof Age Insurance Policy Exclusion

Your roof’s age as well as its layering may determine whether coverage applies. Antiquated roofs that have been around for a decade or two might not be covered. The reasoning behind the lack of coverage for an older roof is that providing coverage is akin to extending health insurance to a sickly individual. There is plenty of risk and just about no potential for profit when extending such an insurance policy.

Also, if your roof has more than a single layer of shingles, exclusions might apply. Some insurers might cover two layers or less while others will only cover the original layer. It is also worth noting that many roof insurers will consider the age of the bottom layer of shingles as the roof’s true age. However, if your roof is a decade or two old and can pass inspection, some roof insurance companies might extend coverage.

Roof Replacement Insurance Policy Exclusion

Replacing a roof is not covered by homeowners insurance. Though roof repair will be covered for leaks, replacing the full roof is something the homeowner must pay out-of-pocket.

Roof Repairs Insurance Policy Exclusion

Repairs for roof defects will likely be covered in the insurance policy if the repairs are made with material and parts that are of the same value as those already in the roof. If you prefer to use higher quality and costlier materials than those already in the roof, you’ll have to pay for them out-of-pocket.

Improper Maintenance and Avoidable Damage Insurance Policy Exclusion

Though most roof insurance policies will cover damage incurred by vandalism, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and other natural disasters, exceptions apply to avoidable events. For example, if a homeowner fails to properly maintain his roof or allows for damage to occur that could have been avoided, coverage will not kick in.

Be sure to take date-stamped photos of your roof the day before your roof insurance policy is secured. Provide them to your insurer and keep copies for your files. This way, if your roof is damaged, you will be able to take some “after-damage” photos and compare them to the pre-damage photos to prove that the roof was in better condition before inclement weather struck.

Be sure to read your roof insurance policy in-depth to determine if the insurer will cover the cost of damage caused by hail, rain and wind. Some roof insurers will limit or deny coverage for these threats if the roof is old or if other factors exist.

Mind the Material

Take a close look at your policy for language that voids coverage for certain roofing materials. Many of these policies are written to strictly cover roofs made with specific materials. Insurers typically do not want to cover materials like durable slate or cedar shake that are prone to damage/breaks. Nor do roof insurers want to provide coverage for roof materials that are difficult to find or egregiously expensive to repair.

Even some of the newest roof materials are not covered by insurance policies. The trendy “green” roof materials are certainly beneficial to the environment yet many insurance companies will not extend coverage if they are used during a roof installation/repair. Roof insurers prefer to work with roof materials they are familiar with.

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