Maintaining Commercial Roofing in Dallas

Maintaining Commercial Roofing Dallas, TX
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When it comes to commercial roofing in Dallas, the roof of your commercial building is its primary line of defense against Mother Nature. If your commercial roof is not in optimal condition, it will gradually wear down and require repair or even a costly replacement.

This is precisely why regular maintenance is so important. Keep in mind your roof is not impenetrable. In fact, it is the most vulnerable portion of your building. If compromised, your roof will almost certainly lead to additional damage below, whether it is to the building’s structure or your valuables.

Be Proactive With Regular Roof Maintenance

Everything in your building depends on the integrity of the roof above. Do not wait for a problem to occur before you take action. Have a roof inspection performed at least once or twice per year. If a particularly strong storm passes through the area, do not hesitate to have one of our professionals come on out and perform an in-depth review of your commercial roof’s integrity. An inspector will gauge its condition, identify problem spots and suggest the appropriate repairs.

Adhere to a regular commercial roofing Dallas maintenance schedule to prolong the life of your roof. In fact, these regular checks just end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as they lead to repairs as opposed to a full replacement.

The specific frequency of your commercial roof maintenance hinges on a number of different factors ranging from the roof’s age to severity of recent storms, conditions identified in prior inspections, foot traffic atop the roof and so on. In general, the roof should be inspected two times per year: once in the spring and once in or around the fall season.

Do not Rely on Your Eyes to Maintain Your Commercial Roof

It is tempting to walk around your property, look at the roof from the ground and attempt to gauge its condition. However, this analysis from afar is flawed. It does not get up close to identify the details that indicate a possible weakness or looming area for repair. This is especially important in the aftermath of a strong storm.

If heavy rain, sleet or wind passes through the area, do not assume a superficial inspection from the ground will clue you into the true condition of your roof. An in-depth inspection is required to identify the extent of the damage.

Even though your roof survived a storm, there is no guarantee it is safe to step on, or will make it through the next one. Our commercial roofing company serving Dallas and the surrounding area can assess your roof’s condition, safely, and determine minor or major damages.

Keep Your Roof CleanKeep Debris Off Your Roof | Commercial Roofing Dallas | Elevated Roofing

If you notice any debris on the roof, do not assume the wind will eventually knock it off. Debris can severely damage your roof.

Remove objects as soon as you spot them. Debris has the potential to hold moisture that ultimately speeds up the rate at which shingles and other materials deteriorate.

Furthermore, keeping your commercial roof free of debris and other loose items decreases the odds of embers from a nearby fire igniting.

Mind the Roof Perimeter

Pay close attention to the perimeter of your roof. The downspouts and gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis. They must be free of twigs, leaves and garbage that could impede drainage.

All tree branches and twigs near the roof should be trimmed once every couple months so they do not protrude into the building. This frequency of trimming will prevent tree limbs from serving as bridges that allow rodents and insects to reach your commercial roof.

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