Choosing a Commercial Roofing System

Plano Roofing: Choosing a Commercial Roofing System
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If you are considering a roofing system for your commercial property, you might be a bit flustered by all the options. Though there are plenty of roofing systems to choose from in the industry, they are not all the same.

Each system has its own unique features and characteristics to note. Consider all of the information, take your time and ask questions to ensure you make a wise decision. Whether your business is based in Dallas, Frisco or Plano, roofing for your commercial property is a major investment.

Pay Attention to Small Details

Everything from the roof’s pitch to its shape, size, edge, deck, and ease of access must be considered. In fact, some buildings must be built with walkways that provide direct access to units on the roof. Be detailed with your vision. Review all the subtleties and proceed with care.

The Physical Makeup

The build of the structure plays a part in the type of roof needed. Consider the structure’s age, size, design, shape, and other physical considerations. Keep this information firmly in mind when selecting the best roofing contractor for your commercial facility.

What is the New Roof Made Of?

The materials used to make the new roof for your commercial building must prove reliable and visually impressive. Weigh the pros and cons of various types of materials and systems.

As an example, built-up roofing is a series of roof layers bonded together with hot bitumen. TPO roofing systems are perfect for most commercial sites and common in Dallas, Frisco, and Plano roofing projects.

They are highly resistant to wind and fire. Modified bitumen roofing systems feature superior elongation and fatigue-resistant qualities along with a polyester mat reinforced with glass.

Tapered insulation systems reduce the possibility of standing water to accumulate on the roof. The most popular material is single ply. It provides a versatile membrane, elite “weatherability”, and fantastic wind uplift resistance.

Consider the Location

Your specific location is an important factor when choosing a new roof system. Review issues relevant to your location such as the direction the building faces, local building codes, Dallas, Frisco and Plano roofing standards, roof orientation etc. Even the presence of trees can play a role in the design and installation of your commercial roof.

The Manner in Which the Building is Used

The way the building is being used often plays a part in deciding the nature of the new or repaired roof. Consider insulation requirements, building occupancy, the planned maintenance schedule and so on.

Keep in mind your unique organization has its own nuanced requirements that will be different from those of another business. As an example, the right roof for a restaurant will not be the same as the ideal roof for a school, nursing home, warehouse or a shopping plaza.

An Opportunity to go Green Commercial Plano Roofing | Elevated Roofing Contractors | Plano, TX

Consider the merits of reflective roofs and cool roofs. The money required for an energy efficient roof is well worth it.

Perhaps opt for a roof that adheres to ENERGY STAR goals that will save you money on utility bills over time. You may also reduce your utility bill with a photovoltaic or insulation system.

Going green also means considering how easy it will be to replace the roof’s materials at or beyond the end of the warranty. Keep in mind that every type of roof will require some type of maintenance.

Finally, consider whether the roofing materials in question can be recycled when the time comes for a replacement. A roof system with a long service life and warranty can last decades.

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