Understanding Roof Repair Costs

Understanding Roof Repair Costs
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When it comes to roof repair costs, all sorts of different factors are in play. It is not only the cost of materials to be used for the repairs that determine the total cost of the project. Part of the total cost is the price paid to have a legitimate roofing expert do the work. Furthermore, the customer also pays for a portion of the roofer’s costs for transportation, maintenance, tools used to perform repairs, equipment, building permits and so on.

The Cost of a Roofing System

A full roof system can cost several thousand dollars at a bare minimum. The size, accessibility, pitch and materials to be used all play a part in the total cost of a roofing system. The cost of each roof often differs quite significantly from one home or business to the next.

As an example, a plain asphalt shingle roof will be much cheaper than a high-end roofing material like ceramic tiles. Aside from materials used, the size of the roof also matters. Roofers typically charge based on each roofing “square.” A roofing square equals 100 square feet, meaning a home or business with 4,000 square feet is divided into 40 squares.

Pitch refers to the slope of the roof. Certain roofs have no pitch while others have a significant pitch. If the roof’s pitch makes it difficult to traverse, additional safety equipment will be necessary to navigate on the roof, and costs will go up.

However, if the roof is flat the replacement or repair will prove to be easier. Such straightforward roofing replacement and repair projects are generally cheaper for that reason. Furthermore, if the roofing materials to be removed are especially heavy, removing them will be more expensive as additional labor and/or time is necessary.

Roof Repair Costs

A roof with missing or broken shingles should be repaired right away. It is possible for strong winds to damage or even uplift shingles right off the roof. If there is shingle debris on your property or discolored portions of the roof, shingle replacement is necessary. Compared to other roof repairs, the cost of repairing shingles isn’t too steep.

Cracked flashing can also be remedied without depleting your savings. Flashing is metal that forms a moisture-resistant barrier between the joints on your roof. This metal can corrode or crack, and lead to other more significant problems. Our roofers will pry up the material, discard the old nails and install a new metal strip to minimize your roof repair costs.

A roof with a skylight leak should also be repaired right away. Otherwise, this portion of the roof will trap water and cause seal cracking. Reach out to our professional roofers to ensure the skylight is actually leaking as opposed to forming condensation. The repair of a skylight leak will require clear silicone sealant.

If flashing is cracked or otherwise damaged, it must be repaired before the leak worsens. This roof repair cost is more than the amount of money required to replace a missing shingle. However, repairing a skylight and nearby flashing probably won’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars, which is significantly less than the cost of repair if the situation worsens.

Roof Repair Cost by Roof Type

The type of material the roof is made of is one of the prime determinants of roof repair costs. The roof style also plays an important role in the cost of repair and replacement. As an example, a slate roof requiring repairs will prove more costly than an asphalt roof. Slate tiles are sometimes improperly installed as inexperienced roofers sometimes nail the slate tiles too tightly.

Alternatively, metal roof repairs are more affordable. However, metal roof seams can loosen and cause a leak. Also, fasteners can loosen as time progresses, causing moisture exposure.

Asphalt shingles are typically one of the most affordable roof types to repair. These shingles have the potential to blow right off the roof if winds beyond 110 mph hit your property, yet you won’t have to spend your life savings to implement the proper repair.

Have Your Roof Inspected, Repaired or Replaced Today

Elevated Roofing is proud to provide a free initial roof inspection and discuss roof repair costs with you. Let us examine your roof, identify problem spots and perform affordable repairs that keep your family safe.

Contact us today to schedule an initial no-cost roof inspection and learn more about how we can address your roofing concerns.

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