8 Reasons to Get Your Gutters Replaced

8 Reasons to Get Gutters Replaced | Frisco Residential Roofing | Elevated Roofing
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The average homeowner worries about the integrity of his roof for good reason. This structure is all that stands between mother nature’s wrath and one’s living space. Unfortunately, when it comes to residential roofing, gutters typically receive little-to-no attention. Gutters are comparably small and somewhat of an afterthought. The truth is that gutters are extremely important to residential roofing. They transmit rainwater away from the home to prevent leaks, flooding and damage to the foundation. Let’s take a look at some of the most common warning signs of compromised gutters that should spur a replacement without delay.

  1. Residential Roofing Gutters That Have Separated

Gutter systems will only do their job if they are connected together in a continuous manner. Gutters that separate from one another on a regular basis should be replaced right away. Otherwise, water will end up everywhere but for the area in which gutters are supposed to deposit it.

  1. Gutters That Have Rusted

Rust is a major problem when it comes to gutters. Though you might not be able to spot rust from the ground, a professional residential roofing inspector who performs an in-depth inspection atop the roof will certainly be able to pinpoint rust on gutters. Rusted gutters gradually develop cracking and holes that force water to spill on out before it reaches the end point of the downspout. Consider replacing your rusted gutters with the aluminum variety that will not rust.

  1. You Spot Screws or Nails on the Ground

If you notice screws or nails on the ground, there is a good chance the gutters are overly worn and falling apart. The screws or nails that connect the gutter to the fascia will eventually work themselves loose as the gutters age and endure wear and tear.

  1. Water Damage or Water Marks Along the Exterior of Your Home

If you spot water running down the sides of your home, splattered water, water stains, mold growth or peeling paint, it is an indication your gutters are not functioning as designed.

  1. Don’t Shrug off Broken Gutter Fasteners

Though a single broken fastener will not require the full replacement of your gutters, numerous broken fasteners spell serious trouble. Fasteners are the pieces of metal that connect the gutter to the roof and ensure it remains level. If more than a couple fasteners are broke, it is time to replace the gutters.

  1. Cracks or Splits in Residential Roofing Gutters are a Serious Problem

Major or minor splits or cracks in gutters are a major cause for concern. Running water can turn diminutive cracks into major ones that send water flowing down the sides of your home and onto the surrounding landscaping. Though temporary repairs can be made, such cracking/splitting will eventually spur the need for new gutters.

  1. A Flooded Basement

The top cause of flooded basements is faulty gutters. If your basement endures any sort of flooding resulting from compromised gutters, it is time to replace them.

  1. Gutter Sagging

If your gutters sag, bow or come away from the house in any manner, it is time to replace them. Sagging gutters are extremely ineffective. You can spot sagging gutters from the ground. Sagging occurs when gutters are overloaded with water and can’t drain properly. If you notice your gutters seem a bit out of position but aren’t sure if they are sagging, have one of our residential roofing experts come on out to inspect the integrity of your roof and gutters. We will let you know exactly what is going on and whether gutter replacement is necessary.


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