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How to get free roof inspection services

Why Get An Annual Free Roof Inspection

There are many reasons to get a yearly roof inspection. This is an important review of your roof’s integrity that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars. In fact, many roof inspection services are free. Our roofing contractors are proud to perform such no-cost inspections.

This inspection should be performed either right before or after storm season, and prior to any repairs. Every roof should be inspected at least one time each year. After all, some roofing repairs have the potential to take a while to complete. It is best to have all the details provided at the outset of the project, and before potential problem areas get worse.

Why You Should Never pay for Roof Inspection Services

Too many homeowners have fallen into the trap of paying a roofing expert to tell them the roof repair job is not feasible. This is the worst possible outcome. The bottom line is your roofing contractor should be willing to perform the inspection for free in order to earn your business.

Opt for a free roof inspection and you will have absolutely nothing to lose. This roof inspection will provide valuable information about your roof and possible repairs needed. Furthermore, the inspection will give the contractor the chance to get a sense of the type of project in question and begin to develop the best possible approach. This is just as much an opportunity for you to learn about your roof as it is for the roofer to get a sense of the looming repair and prove his or her worth.

Have a Roof Inspection Performed Before the Storms Arrive

Storm season will be here before you know it. There is no better time to have a free roof inspection performed. If you wait too long, there is the potential the roofing contractor will be too busy with other projects to analyze your roof.

Keep in mind roof repairs and roof replacements take some time. If the roofer is overloaded with work due to a string of storms or a particularly strong storm, it will take some time to tend to all requests for inspections. It is better to stay one step ahead and have this important part of your home assessed right away.

Its Easy to Schedule A Free Roof Inspection with Elevated RoofingScheduling Free Roof Inspection Services Should Be Easy

If you are hesitant to have your roof inspected because you are worried about the process, do not fret! It is extremely easy to coordinate a roof inspection. Our roof inspection services team makes this process quite convenient.

Simply give us a call, request a free roof inspection, provide your contact information and state why you are interested in the inspection. Once we have this information, the inspection and possible repair process will go that much smoother. Be specific about your concerns and the roof inspection will prove quick, easy and informative.

What the Free Roof Inspection Entails

Lean on our roofing experts to analyze your roof and we will study it in-depth for problem signs that indicate a repair or replacement is necessary. The roofer will look for missing, curling or blistering shingles, missing or cracked caulk by the flashing, rust spots along the flashing, worn or cracked boots by vent pipes, moss and beyond.

Contact Elevated Roofing to Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection

Reach out to us today to schedule your free roof inspection. This is the perfect time to have your roof inspected as storm season is approaching. It is better to get your roof in tip-top shape before the storms arrive so you do not end up with costly repairs. Our roof inspection services crew will pinpoint any weak points, explain the repair process and get to work as soon as you give us the green light. Give us a call today at 469-305-0010 to schedule the inspection of your roof.

About Elevated Roofing:

Elevated Roofing provides the assistance you need to repair roofing problems quickly and easily or provide full roof replacement. If you are looking for a Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney area roofing company, take a look at our website to learn about the services we offer or call (469) 305-0010 today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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