3 Home Roofing Services You May Need After Winter

3 Home Roofing Services You May Need After Winter
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The winter’s low temperatures, harsh winds, dry air, ice, and snow pose serious threats to your shingles, gutters and other portions of your home. Have your roof inspected upon winter’s end and the roofer just might notice one or several problem areas.

While large trouble spots can’t be observed from the ground, an expert analysis performed atop the roof is necessary to determine if maintenance, repairs or a full roof replacement is needed. Here is a look at home roofing services that should be performed during a roof inspection following the winter months.

Home Roofing Service #1 – Check for Ice Dams

It’s possible for ice dams to form when snow and/or ice buildup on the roof. Ice dams prevent water from flowing off the roof. Instead of sliding off the roof, the water is sent below the shingles, down into the roof and possibly into the house. It is even possible for ice to accumulate to the point that it forms large ice dams that cause the rain gutters or flashing to tear right off the roof.

Home Roofing Service #2 – Inspect the Attic for Moisture

The warm air that moves up into your attic during the winter will combine with the already-present cold air and likely create condensation. This additional moisture is terrible for the attic as well as the roof structure.

If moisture remains for an extended period of time, it will lead to the formation of mold, mildew and even roof rot. This is precisely why every attic requires adequate insulation. Let our home roofing service team check the roof as well as the attic for indications of excessive moisture.

The warm air that rises through your home in the winter months moves into the attic and heats up the roof. A warm roof melts ice, snow, sleet and other moisture. This water should run down off of the roof. However, If the temperatures are particularly low, this water might subsequently freeze along the edge of the roof. Water can also leak into the roof, causing the roof to become heavier and weigh down the gutters as well as the home’s structure.

Home Roofing Service #3 – Check for General Roof Damage

Winter weather followed by a spring thaw can lead to roof flashing, causing shingles to become unsteady and ultimately weigh down the roof’s gutters. Have your roof inspected following the winter to ensure it has survived these alterations without significant damage. Our home roofing service experts will be happy to check your roof for damage, trouble spots and other problems after winter’s end.

It is also possible for hail to badly damage the roof. Hail has the potential to damage even the most formidable metal roofs, vents and flashing. Ridge caps tend to endure damage as they are most likely to suffer a direct hit. Hail tends to leave small circular dents on the shingles. These dents ultimately weaken the shingles, reduce their useful life and create the potential for water to move below. We can repair your hail-damaged roof in the aftermath of a storm so it looks and functions as it should.

Your Roof Deserves A Thorough Inspection After Winter

Many homeowners are unaware of the common signs of weather-induced damage. Furthermore, the signs of weather damage are difficult to spot from the ground. Do not put your well-being or that of your family in jeopardy by attempting to climb up on your roof and perform an inspection. You need the trained eye of an experienced roofer to pinpoint trouble spots that formed during the winter and perform appropriate repairs.

Whether it is a leak, a torn shingle, a crack, hole, dent or a completely broken shingle, our home roofing service crew will identify all the problem spots following the winter. We will review all of the available options to determine the best approach for repair or replacement. Contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape as we segue into spring.

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