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Advice from a Roof Contractor on Maintaining Your Roof

Advice from a Roof Contractor on Maintaining Your Roof
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Proactive homeowners who take small steps to preserve the integrity of their roof often avoid costly roof repair and replacement projects. Though preventive maintenance costs a little bit of money and takes up some time, it can prevent even more expensive and time-consuming projects down the line. Let’s take a look at the best ways to prevent roof damage.

Pay Attention to Your Roof!

Most homeowners neglect their roof for the majority of the year and assume it will protect everything below without a problem. Though most roofs provide such support for decades, there is still the potential for things to go awry. Have your roof inspected at least once per year by a legitimate roof contractor.

We do not recommend that you get up on your roof and walk across the slopes on your own. Reach out to us for a professional roof contractor to perform an in-depth analysis of your roof’s condition. Our roof contractor might find minor problems that can be rectified now rather than later on down the line when they have become major repair projects or even spur the need for a full replacement. As an example, the roof contractor might find shingles that are loose and should be replaced before the next storm hits.

1. Don’t let Branches Interfere with Your Roof

Invest the time and effort necessary to eliminate branches and other forms of roof interference from surrounding landscaping. A branch that extends over or near your roof can fall and damage shingles to the point that they are torn loose. Such a branch can also serve as a connecting pathway for rodents and other animals to reach your roof.

If you spot a limb extending to your roof, don’t climb a ladder to get up to the roof on your own. Lean on the professionals to eliminate the threat and determine if it has caused any sort of structural damage. Our roof contractors have years of experience traversing roofs and identifying points of weakness. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your roof in a completely safe manner.

Poor Home Ventilation Can Lead to A Number of Serious Problems | Roof Contractor | Elevated Roofing2. Ventilation Matters, Ask a Roof Contractor

Every roof requires ample ventilation. Unfortunately, a surprising number of roofs have poor ventilation. It is possible that poor ventilation will void your asphalt shingles’ manufacturer’s warranty. Poor ventilation can also permit winds to lift even the most robust shingles right off your roof.

3. Ensure Shingles are Firmly Connected to Your Roof

A shingle that is not tightly fastened to the roof is a major problem. Older roofs that seal shingles to one another through tar sealing or roofing nails gradually wear as time progresses. If you notice your roof’s shingles move when the winds pick up, it is an indication that it is time to take action. If water moves below the shingles, it can flow into your home and damage your valuables. It might even make your home uninhabitable.

4. Mind Your Gutters

If your gutters are beyond a decade old, it is possible they are nailed in place with a large spike. This spike and ferrule technique won’t prove effective for much longer than a decade. If any hail or sleet accumulates in the gutter, it will disconnect from the house sooner or later. As soon as any bit of space is between the fascia and the gutter, the pace of deterioration is hastened.

Don’t wait until there is a complete disconnect and the gutters are severely damaged. Take the extra step by cleaning your gutters when performing chores around the house. Eliminate all the leaves, debris and other built-up gunk. This way, rainwater will flow freely through your gutters.

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