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Elevated Roofing 7 Tips to Avoid A Roof Leak and Necessary Repairs

7 Tips to Avoid A Roof Leak and Necessary Repairs

Most homeowners assume that a roof leak is an inevitability. After all, no roof lasts forever. However, if you are proactive and willing to lean on the roofing experts for help, you can greatly reduce the odds of a leak. Let’s take a look at the best ways to prevent a nasty and costly leak.

Regular Roof Inspections to Prevent Roof Leak Repair

Have your roof inspected by a professional at least once or twice per year. If a particularly strong storm passes through, do not hesitate to have your roof inspected in the aftermath. A thorough roof inspection conducted by a legitimate roofing professional will determine if the roof’s condition is likely to lead to a leak. There might be a minor issue that can be identified and repaired to ward off a major leak in the future.

Key in on Common Trouble Spots

Leaks tend to form in certain areas of the roof. The most common roof sections that endure leaks are areas where shingle are missing, areas with ice dams, wall step flashings, the chimney, skylights and plumbing vent flashing. However, it is not prudent to get up on your roof and attempt to identify these potentially problematic areas on your own. Lean on the professionals to check out these common trouble spots so you don’t have to deal with a roof leak repair.

Drip Edge

Add a drip edge to your roof and it will help keep water away from the sensitive fascia. A drip edge redirects the water off the roof. Ask any roofer about the most common reason for a leak in the eaves and he will say it is the lack of a drip edge. Wood rot is also caused by a lack of a drip edge. Furthermore, a drip edge improves the look of your home’s roof and prevents pesky critters from settling in your roof/home.

Mind the Attic

The roof is not always the source of the leak. It is possible that faulty ventilation, vent fans and/or animal/bug infestation within the attic are the true cause of the leak. If you spot mold, algae stains, rust around nails or soaked insulation during a dry spell, it is a sign the attic has been compromised.

Gutters Matter

Improperly installed and/or maintained gutters can necessitate roof leak repair. Gutters must be installed in the proper manner and sloped to drain water away from the home. Furthermore, gutters should be regularly cleaned to remove accumulated debris. Make sure they are tightly fastened to boot. Do not hesitate to lean on a professional to do this maintenance work as it requires getting up on a ladder and moving quite extensively.

Be Proactive Minimize Roof DamageBe Proactive to Minimize the Damage

If a roof leak is identified, it is imperative that you take action to prevent it from expanding. Once you have pinpointed the leak it is time to have your roof repairman do everything in his power to prevent it from worsening. This temporary repair will likely be enough to hold your roof over until a more thorough solution can be implemented.

Your Course of Action in an Emergency

If a roof leak unexpectedly manifests in the midst of a shower, don’t panic! Apply plastic sheeting over the leaking portion of the roof for a temporary fix. Such sheeting should be stapled to 2 x 4 blocks of wood and nailed to the eaves. However, this will require climbing up onto the roof, over the ridge and beyond in order to completely cover the leak area. Such a project should be left to the experienced roofing professionals.

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