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Maintenance Tips for Your Roof This Fall

Fall is here in Texas! Football season is well underway and the leaves are starting to turn colors. This fall, the last thing on your mind might be your roof. However, now is the ideal time to perform some valuable maintenance. Before winter, property owners in Dallas and throughout the greater DFW area should consider following these fall roofing tips.

As always, if you have questions about your roof or if you are uncertain how to perform this maintenance, the professionals at Elevated Roofing are here to help.

Four Fall Roofing Tips for Homeowners

Your roof is a vital part of your home. It is responsible for keeping you warm and dry throughout the year. However, many homeowners routinely neglect their roofs. With a little TLC and maintenance, you can help your roof last for years.

Follow these four fall roofing tips this season:

  1. Trim Trees. Now is the perfect time to trim trees back and away from the house. If the branches on your trees are too close to your roof, trim them back now. This will prevent unnecessary roof damage from any winter storms.
  2. Clean Out Gutters. Your gutters take quite a lot, especially in the fall when leaves can clog it up. Clogged gutters can cause cracked shingles and other damage to your roof. They can also result in mold building up on your roof or on the siding.
  3. Visually Inspect Roof. Walk the perimeter of your home and visually inspect your roof for signs of damage. Look for damaged or buckled shingles. Look for signs of mold, cracks, or other spots that might become a problem. It is easier to repair small issues before they become a big problem.
  4. Call a Professional. If you notice signs of damage, wear or mold, it is important to call a professional roofing contractor. At Elevated Roofing, we provide a free, no-obligation roof assessment. We will examine your roof closely and help you identify issues while they may still be small. We can provide you with a photo inspection report of our findings. Repairing your roof now will help protect your home during harsh winter months.

Only Perform Fall Roof Maintenance Safely

At Elevated Roofing, we know that roof maintenance is difficult for many property owners. You may not have the right equipment, or you may not feel comfortable performing this maintenance on your own. We never recommend property owners to get up on their roofs – leave that to a professional. That is why we offer a variety of residential roofing services and commercial roofing services to help you. We can come out and perform a roof inspection for you and help you prevent costly future repairs.

Contact Elevated Roofing Today

If you need a new roof or if you have concerns about your existing roof, our roofing professionals are here to help you. We are licensed, local and trusted by the community. At Elevated Roofing, we offer a free, no-obligation roof assessment, so you can explore your roofing options. We can help you assess your roof and find solutions that fit your needs! Call us today at (469) 305-0010 or contact us online today.

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