The Effect Roof Repairs Have on the Longevity of Your Roof

The Effect Roof Repairs Have on the Longevity of Your Roof | Frisco Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing
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The longevity of your roof hinges on a variety of factors. Chief among them is the timeliness and quality of repairs. Every roof endures some sort of damage at one point or another. Whether this damage is caused by rain, wind, hail, fire, wayward branches or animals, it must be repaired in a timely manner. Prompt, high-quality repairs can extend the lifespan of your roof for years or even decades.

Signs of WearSigns of Roof Wear | Frisco Roofing Contractor | Elevated Roofing

If roof damage or common signs of wear are pinpointed during the inspection, immediate action is required. The failure to remedy such issues will only lead to even more costly projects like expansive leaks that allow water to seep in and rot the wood sheathing positioned below the roof. If you spot missing or blown off shingles displaced due to high winds, don’t let them remain in this condition. Damaged shingles will expose the underlayment as well as the roof deck. Even a roof with a low slope can incur wind damage and prevent adequate run-off.

If the vent pipes beneath your roof are corroded, water might seep on through. Strong winds can yank chimney flashing away from the roof. If the sealant is compromised, the water can seep down on deep into the roof and consequently, into your home. Even compromised valleys should be repaired right away. These are the diminutive gutters that move along the roof. Flashing can be harmed by a lack of cleaning, an excess of fungus or lifted tiles. If impeded, the rainwater won’t be able to flow on down these valleys.

Repair Vs. ReplaceRoof Repair or Replace | Frisco Roof Repair | Elevated Roofing

You can greatly reduce the odds of having to invest in an entirely new roof by performing regular roof maintenance and repairs. Regular roof inspections, damaged shingle replacement, tree branch trimming and other roof maintenance measures decrease the chances of repairs as well as a full replacement. Though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how long each specific roof repair will last, each repair goes a long way in increasing the longevity of your roof. You should consider a full replacement in the event that a series of repairs continues to arise over time or if there is significant damage.

If you aren’t sure as to whether leaks should be patched or if a total re-roofing is necessary, reach out to the roofing professionals for an expert opinion. The replacement of a handful of shingles due to fallen branches or wind damage is fairly easy. However, if you do not have spare shingles, the patch job probably won’t match your roof’s existing aesthetic. Yet you rarely look at your roof, especially the uppermost portion.

If the damage is considerable but limited to one side of the roof, a partial re-roofing is possible. This partial replacement is usually considerably cheaper than replacing the entire roof. Though a partial re-roofing is more costly on a per square basis and can create a lopsided appearance along the ridges, the total cost will pale in comparison to that of a full replacement. However, it is certainly possible that several partial re-roofing projects end up being more costly than a full roof replacement.

The Decision to Replace

If your roof shows continual signs of wear, consider nipping the problem in the bud once and for all with a complete replacement. It will also provide peace of mind to boot. A brand new roof is certainly a considerable investment yet it will likely last for decades. Lean on the roofing pros to get the job done and you won’t worry nearly as much when storms and other threats arise.

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