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5 Reasons Why Your Roof Repair Service Costs May Vary

5 Reasons Why Your Roof Repair Service Costs May Vary | Plano Roofer | Elevated Roofing
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How Much Does a Roof Replacement or Roof Repair Cost in Dallas, TX?

Roof repairs often vary quite widely in price. All sorts of different factors determine the final cost of each idiosyncratic roof repair. Everything from the home’s size to the style of roof, the type of shingle, the extent of the damage and other variables play important roles in the project’s cost. Let’s delve deeper into this phenomenon to help homeowners understand why roof repair service costs are not uniform across the board.

Water Damage Will up the Cost of Roof Repair Service

If your roof has endured any sort of water damage, the project cost will be higher than first estimated. This is especially true for uber-sensitive cedar roofing. In the worst-case scenario, water damage can spur a full roof replacement. Unfortunately, such damage can’t be pinpointed until the roofer takes off the shingles and analyzes the decking below.

The Extent of the Repair Influences Price

The magnitude of the repair plays a major role in the project’s cost. Roofers typically determine a job’s price according to the roof’s square footage. In the context of roofing, each “square” represents a 10-foot square space. The roofing contractor will charge for a square even if the required repair space is smaller.

Certain Roof Types are More Expensive to Repair Than Others

The cost of a roof repair partially hinges on the type of roof atop your home. Each roof is unique in terms of slope, quality, levels, materials, and other factors. Certain roofs have a low pitch while others have a high pitch. If the roof is sloped at a sharp angle, the repair work will be much more difficult and dangerous. Other roofs are comparably flat and quite sensitive to foot traffic. Some roofs rest above numerous stories, making it somewhat difficult and risky for the roofing team to access, inspect and repair.

Some roofs are made of metal while others have fiberglass shingles. Some roofs even have wood shingles. Materials for a metal roof can cost upwards of $1,500 for every 100 square feet. Asphalt shingles tend to be on the opposite end of the price spectrum at around $120 for every 100 square feet.

Roof Repair Service Permits

The part of town in which you live might impact the cost of your roof repair project. It might be necessary for the roof repair service provider to pull permits for your roof’s repair(s). It is also possible that the price of the permit differs according to the unique value or size of your home. In certain coastal areas a distinct permit is necessary to safeguard the home from storms.

Unique Rooftop Features add to the Cost

A roof with a chimney, skylight, antenna, pipe or other unique elements will likely cost more to repair than one without such features. In many instances, these elements must be replaced simultaneously, pushing the job’s cost up that much higher. Make sure the roof repair service professional inspects these special features for damage and leaks when he examines the shingles.

It is important to note that even if the features are not damaged, their mere presence can increase the cost of repairs as the roofer must work around them. In terms of specific costs, the repair of flashing surrounding your chimney will likely cost about $350. A repair of the flashing that seals the skylight to the roof will likely cost around $400. If such unique features or any other characteristics like peaks, angles, valleys, sides etc. make it difficult to access sections of the roof, the attic, soffits or the gutters, expect to pay more for the repair.

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