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How to maintain an asphalt shingle roof

How to Maintain an Asphalt Shingle Roof

A roof system that is not well-maintained won’t stand the test of time. It will require repairs and a full replacement much sooner than necessary. Thankfully, you have the power to be proactive and maintain your asphalt shingles in a careful and responsible manner. Here’s how to do it.

Perform a Regular Inspection

Have a roofing professional inspect your roof on a regular basis to identify existing problems and potential problems. He will look for biological growth such as blue algae and plant debris as well as torn shingles, a compromised chimney, soffit and beyond. Be sure to have your roof inspected by a professional at least twice per year. Ideally, this inspection will occur in the fall and spring. The roofing professional will ensure those small problems are tended to before they transform into massive problems.

A Regular Cleaning

One of the most important components of roof maintenance is performing a regular cleaning. Clear out all debris from the roof and its related systems. This means brushing all debris off of the shingles, flashing, eavestroughs, vents, skylight, solar panels and beyond. Clean out the down spouts and ventilation to boot. Make use of a trowel to scoop out leaves and other debris from the gutters so water can drain through the downspouts with ease.

Though some of this “roof housekeeping” can be performed from the ground or a low level, it will be necessary for a skilled roofer to get up on the roof to eliminate all potential sources of damage. Do not attempt to do this yourself. Lean on our experienced roofers to get the job done right.

Mind the Nearby Tree and Plant Growth

It is possible for trees, shrubs, and other greenery to grow out onto your roof and cause considerable damage. Trim tree branches that are near or touching your roof. Cut away all other vegetation that hangs over the roof. When in doubt, lean on a contractor to clip the areas that are especially hard to reach.

Eaves Protection

Some homeowners install metal meshed grate protectors to ward of debris buildup and facilitate cleanups.

Get Those Roofing Repairs out of the way Now

If your roof inspection identifies problem spots that require repair, do not drag your feet on having those sections of the roof remedied. Lean on our roofing aficionados to complete your asphalt shingle roof repairs and you won’t’ have to worry about whether the structure can protect you against the elements. Minor roof repairs performed in a thorough and timely manner will ward off more expensive and serious repairs as time progresses.

Examples of common roof repairs include the installation of valley flashing due to corrosion and replacing flashing around the roof vent, chimney and other installations. Gutters and downspouts might require caulking, patching or the application of roofing cement to prevent sagging and remedy corrosion. It is also quite common for broken, missing or buckled asphalt shingles to be repaired with cement or nails.

Give Your Roof a Once-Over Every now and Then

You can identify certain roof issues from the ground. Take a look at your roof from time to time to see if one or several shingles are missing. If you spot a missing shingle or two, don’t shrug it off as “just the way it goes”. If you do not tend to this problem, it can result in considerable damage to your roof. A missing shingle opens up your home to exposure to the elements. Missing shingles also permit wind to knock away sections that otherwise would not be vulnerable if the missing shingles were addressed.

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