Roof Replacement Cost: Everything You Need to Know

Roof Replacement Cost: Everything You Need to Know
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If you are like most homeowners, you probably think roof replacement is an egregiously expensive project. This is an errant assumption! You do not have to bust your budget to replace your roof. Choose your roofing materials and roofing company wisely and you will end up with a lovely new roof that lasts decades. Let’s take a closer look at what influences roof replacement cost.

Why Roof Replacement is Necessary

If your roof is damaged by weather such as a violent hailstorm, powerful winds, pounding rain or a tornado, replacement might be necessary. In other instances, regular wear and tear will spur the need for a roof replacement. Perhaps you are considering the addition of a new roof to enhance your home’s beauty and energy efficiency. Here is what to consider when looking at the cost of a roof replacement.

General Price Ranges for Roof Replacement

The average roof replacement cost usually falls in the range of $5,000 to $20,000. If you have heard stories about new roofs that cost in the low six figures, do not believe the hype! Though it is possible for a new roof to cost six figures, this is the exception to the rule. A roof that costs this amount of money is a high-end option. However, even if you spend as little as $5,000 on your new roof, it still qualifies as a major investment.

Roof Replacement Cost: The Material Matters

Roof Replacement Cost: The Materials Matter

The roofing material you select for your home or commercial building plays a large part in determining the total cost of this replacement project. The cost to install the typical asphalt shingle roof hinges on the selected material as well as the finish grade, prep work, surface area to be roofed, special requirements and the cost of labor.

Asphalt shingles are popular in the United States for good reason. This is an affordable, functional and visually pleasing roofing option. New asphalt shingles typically cost between $100-$400 for each roofing square.

New roofing involves the placement of shingles, dormer, valley and ridge metal, nails, flashing, boots, felt sheet, edging, and fasteners. In terms of cost levels, adding new roofing is by far the most expensive aspect of this project. Those who elect to upgrade their roof won’t pay as much as homeowners who opt for a completely new roof. In general, the cost of roof upgrades is about one-half to two-thirds of the cost of installing a new roof. Removing and disposing of the old roofing material is quite cheap in comparison.

The Role of Roof Size in Determining Roof Replacement Cost

The primary factor in determining roof replacement cost is size. The cost of roof replacement is dictated by the number of roofing squares required. A single roofing square is 10 feet x 10 feet, equating to 100 square feet. Roofers typically quote prices with these roofing squares so it is helpful to know the number of roofing squares necessary when attempting to determine the project’s full cost.

The typical residential home has between 20 and 34 roofing squares. If you have a considerable amount of equity in your home and/or an especially large roof, it might be prudent to research home equity loans or a home equity line of credit to reduce the total cost.

Roof Replacement Cost Depends on Roof Style

The shape and style of the roof play a major role in determining the cost of replacement. If the pitch/slope is steep, the cost will be higher. This is due to the fact that steep roofs are challenging to traverse. The roofing team will have to use additional safety equipment like harnesses to get the job done.

If the roof has a length-height ratio of 12:7 or greater, there will likely be an additional cost. Certain buildings might allow for the installation of a flatter roof that will prove cheaper to install. The only issue with flat roofs is they require more maintenance than other varieties. It might be necessary to replace a flat roof every 10 years or so as opposed to the three to five decades of use provided by other roofs.

Roof Features Also Matter

If your roof has a special feature like a skylight or chimney, it will impact the total price of the replacement project. Such features make roof installers work that much harder to place the new shingles. This heightened difficulty increases costs and makes the project that much more time-consuming.

Additional Roof Replacement Costs of Note

The old roof will have to be removed before the new materials can be installed. This removal will cost money as well. The roofer installers will strip away the current dilapidated shingles and felt sheet. They will strip it all on down to the roof sheathing. Furthermore, this material must be removed from your property. There is a cost associated with transporting these materials to the appropriate destination. The total cost of roof removal hinges on its size as well as its material.

The removal of a layer of asphalt shingle roofing will likely cost in the range of $100 to $150 or more. The removal of a double layer or triple layer will cost more as additional work is necessary. A roof that is especially steep, heavy or damaged by water will also cost more to remove.

A home located outside of the roofing contractor’s service area might spur additional fees. If your roof’s height is less than 16 feet, safety rigging will not be included. Permit fees and taxes may also add to the final bill.

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